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Welcome to Europesia, a news website focused on games and topics that matter to serious gamers. We are here to inform you and, occasionally, to entertain you. Also, we often write about pop culture topics such as anime: if it’s entertaining, engaging, or inspires us, we want to share it with you. The content on this About Us page is merely a tiny glimpse of what we have in mind for you.

As much as possible, we strive to cover as many exciting games as possible. Twenty PC games are released on Steam every day (not to mention the treasure trove of games available at Itch, Humble, GOG, etc.). We will not be able to cover all of them. But we try our best, but we’re all working flat out. Some smaller great games will get missed, others aren’t that great, and we choose not to cover them. I will pause my urge to give spoiler in this About Us page.

Emphatically, we strive to be an inclusive site for players of all ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. We expect that our writers and commenters treat those they write about in the same manner as if they had met them. Therefore, Europesia is a no-nonsense, kick-ass destination where you will find the most relevant topics in video games. Throughout the conversation, we will provide news, articles, and videos from the Europesia team, being brutally honest so you can learn more about our team. Next, it is your turn to participate.

We crave news. We want scoops! So, please, tip our editors by emailing: us.europesia@gmail.com And you can find our terms and conditions here.


Mir Nafis Ali 21 Articles
I am a content writer trying to give tips and updates about your favorite games.
Abu Taher Tamim 201 Articles
When the whole world is screaming, one voice becomes weak. But that won't stop me from doing what I love. I love games. That's why I became a content writer and creator of games.